Friday, May 6

Detangler: Our Lifesaver

Where would I be without this product?
Since I a big fan of leaving our girls' curls natural and free, instead of like this, detangler has become my go to product. Yes, something as simple as detangler makes my life, our morning routine, and most importantly, my girl's hair lives go a lot smoother. I admit, I am nothing without this product, the matted curls blessing our girl's head would dominate me each morning and our children would end up with hair like the cat at Nyah's school. They call her Rasta Kitty and she gets her name honestly.

Rasta Kitty is an old, old cat who has outlived many previous owners. She is definitely living each of her nine lives to the fullest and her hair seems to be her ultimate proof of this. She is a cat who adventures both inside and outiside of the school and her long greyish hair is matted into little locks, which is where she gets her name, obviously. All of the children love Rasta Kitty, (not so sure the feeling is mutual though).

Not sure the kids would be so kind if we left Nyah's hair to the elements each morning, though they probably wouldn't notice. Dread locks would be the ultimate result if I did not have the daily battle with the beautiful curls on top of our girls' heads. It doesn't matter if we wash it and comb it nice the night before, braid it before bed, or wrap it before bed, they will wake up with matted hair which isn't really the most conducive environment for a brush. So, I get out the detangler and go to town I am so thankful for this product. I can't even get into if they took a dip in the salty Caribbean, there is nothing to do but wash their hair using almost a bottle of conditioner.

We aren't loyal to one brand of detangler, just relieved when the few grocery stores here are stocked with this product, as with most stuff here, we take what we can get. And just for the record, this is what Nyah's hair looks like when I brush it when it dry without detangler. Yeah. And by the way, she still prefers her hair to be braided.

My next challenge in the hair department will be our little boy's hair. Maybe his dad will just chop it off but I know the treehugger in me will be rallying strong and I won't want to cut his hair and managing his curls will no doubt be a challenge. The look of Rasta Kitty might be in his future.

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