Tuesday, May 17

Thirty Four Weeks (With Surprise Guest)

Here we go, thirty-four weeks. The pregnancy website compares the little guy (in weight) to being the size of an average cantaloupe. Unfortunately, a cantaloupe is the last thing that comes to my mind as I look in the mirror in the morning as I try on yet another shirt dress with fingers crossed that something, anything will fit, please. Hoping I can make the limited amount of maternity clothes and non-maternity dresses I have last through this last month. Something like beach ball seems more appropriate to describe little dude at this point in our relationship. 
Oh yeah, I know, I'm huge. 

Despite my staggering size, the most miraculous thing has happened this week. I seemed to have gotten my second wind. By this time in my pregancy with both girls I was beastly and rolling around moaning feeling too short of breath and swollen to accomplish much. Lately though, I actually feel quick on my feet, it's the oddest thing. I can carry both girls with ease, go about my day without much thought to my limitations. I am savoring these feelings of strength, liveliness and health. 

I couldn't be more thankful for this surprise gift of energy because it is on. We leave in one week and between life and the girls, little time is left to sit, be lazy and eat ice cream (as I did with my other pregnancies) and obsess about every detail of what is to come. 
Time here is flying by. Besides packing and preparing for our departure we have been spending some time with the awesome friends we have made during our time on the island. I was out for coffee with a friend this morning and ran into a million other moms/friends and realize what an awesome network of supportive Mommas and women live here on island. Hope I am able to find this nook wherever in this world we end up. But for now, back to work, much to do.

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