Tuesday, May 31

Summer Days and the Name Game

I am up early this morning, which in my life, up early only technically qualifies if I am up before the girls. So happy I was able to get this huge body out of bed this morning so I could write a little. It's getting a little uncomfortable to sleep in one of the two positions us prego ladies are allowed to sleep in, left side/right side and turning over is just becoming a chore. I lay there and think and procrastinate until finally I make myself switch sides. Can't believe its come to this. 

I can't seem to get out of vacation mode (and used to the air conditioning) and get into a routine, though I have to often remind myself that I am not technically on vacation. Staying up late, sleeping in, shopping for cheap food because we can, no plan for daily activities, flying by the seat of our pants, and of course, little to no routine for the girls as family shows up and always has something awesome for them to do. They are loving every minute.
Big day for Nyah yesterday, she mastered riding her bike and swinging alone. Both serious summertime skills. I am thoroughly enjoying catching these girls up on the activities of an Indiana summer.
Besides all the vacationing and play, my mind has been occupied thinking of boy names. We have decided on a new middle name for the little guy. He was going to be George, Jr all the way, but George (my husband George, see how confusing) is so sweet and let me/us have the middle name since I am not really ready to call a precious little baby, George (no offense to all the George's out there). Definitely a name he needs to grow into. George's middle name is Patrick, which we could call the baby, but I lie awake at night envisioning someone call our boy, Pat, which is something I absolutely can't live with (once again, no offense to all of the Pats of the world, I am sure you are totally rocking the name). 

So we are constantly brainstorming names that fit with the first name George, contemplating a family name or something more esthetic, and of course scouring name websites which can kiss it because they absolutely suck. The girls names came so easy, not so much with the boy names. We have a few in mind but who knows what will stick in the next four weeks leading up to his arrival.
So we are off to start another day of beautiful randomness with family and friends in this great state of Indiana. Happy long summer days to everyone.

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