Friday, May 13

Sounds of Our Nights

Last night was a special night in our house. George was fixing the air conditioner in our room, trying to get our place in tip top shape for a renter, so as the AC was sealing, drying (something) and couldn't be used for twenty-four hours. 

Being that it is getting hot here, we are getting frequent showers (air is so stagnate prior to rain) and my thighs are rubbing together at this point in my pregnancy, I have been favoring that AC at night, actually craving it. The alternative is waking up drenched in sweat which is neither hot nor cool. Seriously. So since the AC was in repair, I prepped myself for an interesting night of rest, window open, fan on full blast (actually George wouldn't let me but on medium speed), I made my attempt. As I was lying there, alone, Elsa deep into her dreams (her crib is still in our room), I was overwhelmed by the sounds of the night. Sounds I used to be lulled to sleep by nightly.  

I am so thankful the noisy air machine broke down so I could be reminded of the soothing cadence of the bush dwellers symphony they put on each night. The relaxing melody could put anyone to sleep, including me. 

I found this video of a long, long time ago, and often revisit it not only because it captures a monumental moment in Elsie's life but because of the sounds. The sounds of the night. We were so concerned about Elsa as a baby that we wouldn't run the AC, worried that we might damage her precious lungs, wanting to give them every opportunity to mature, in fresh air only. Seems almost silly now. I remember crawling under her mosquito net this night, mesmerized by everything that was Elsa at seven months, not even realizing I was capturing some of my favorite sounds of our island home. The sound of the perfect summer night which St. Croix always is. 

Not sure if you can hear what I can, so turn up your volume and listen to the sweet rhythm.

I am so thankful I have this video to revisit on the nights I am lonely for St. Croix and her sounds, just one of the many things I will miss about this place.

I feel like I should just make a new category on here, Things I Will Miss About St. Croix. I could and am seriously considering it but that might just be pitiful. Moving on, I am. Really, I am trying. Trying real hard.

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