Tuesday, May 17

Holla If Ya Hear Me

As I was finishing up writing my 111th blog post this morning, I realized I totally blasted past the celebration of my century post (which is nothing, I know, in this major era of blogsters). I kept watching the blog tally in the few weeks approaching this mega number and couldn't help feeling a bit excited with a side of accomplishment. I mean, I started typing this little bloggidy knowing good and well in the back of my head that I probably wouldn't keep it up, not due to lack of desire, but due to the congestion in my brain that tends to occur from the arm pulling business of being a mom, wife and nurse (sometimes). But here I am, and on this day, and the day after the major 100th post, I honestly forgot to notice the blog entry number and just typed along, content in my own little head world. 

So my awareness and conscious have been in full effect the past couple of days, and as I am sneaking up on my first year of blogging I just keep having these reoccurring, nagging thoughts of, should I keep this up, what is the point in all of it

Come on, we're moving, its back to reality and who wants to read about a mom who lives in suburbia (or wherever we end up), and that is, if anyone is even reading? I know my family reads, they would read and praise, mark me as genius no matter what I did (they've always been pretty awesome like that). Its hard not to notice the number of those reading or feed off of the comments readers leave. As I was looking back on old posts, what made them good, bad, funny, I read my first post ever:

Thursday, June 3

Lets Get This Party Started

I did it, I started blogging. Trendy, I know.  Couldn't help myself, life is too precious not to record this stuff! 

My main reason for starting this blog is to make sure our family, both near and far, can share in our life. I know I am not the blogging type, I am not a writer nor do I claim to be. I am using this blog as journal to record this beautiful life I have been blessed to live. I don't want to forget a single second. I also think it will be nice for the girls to look back and see what inspired and motivated me at this time in my life. So this blog is for our girls, my family, and me. Enjoy if you choose.

After taking this in, I gave up on the negativity, humbly reminded of why I am doing this, why I have let writing become a part of me, an outlet, a creative fix. I realized after looking back that it really doesn't matter who is reading or how many followers I have because this is all bigger than me. Recording our lives, our stories, our history is all for them; my family, and a blog just happens to be the medium. 

As I am rejuvenating and rebooting my focus, I keep reminding myself that I also want to give my children (girls and boy), a view of, "What inspired and motivated me at this time in my life.", (which I need to write more about by the way) (maybe I should put a sticky on the fridge reminding me since my memory and I haven't really been on good terms lately). I am finding a clear focus and purpose is a good thing. 

But I also hope the three of them realize after reading each and every post that they are a major part of what inspire and motivate me beyond my ability to put into words with their energy, their fire, curiosity, strength and awe inspiring way they are growing before my eyes into the newborns, toddlers, little kids they are destined to be. 
{insert photo of baby boy here}

I am refreshed, amped up, ready for my next one hundred posts in my attempts to record this breath taking life and thankful beyond words that I will always have my first post to keep me focused and motivated, reminding what its all about. So lets do this.


  1. Keep blogging! Wait until you get your first book printed and it will keep you going (and yes I know that sounds so dorky.! It is SO neat to look back on and remember all the little things you would have never remembered about the girls, as well as seeing them grow as you flip through the pages and see all their pictures. You won't believe it, but I have several friends here in Memphis who follow your blog after seeing it on my page. Good luck on your move back home! Maybe one day we will end up back home, but I don't know about all that snow just yet! Ha Ha!

  2. Thanks for this Ali, means so much. I need to get a book printed, did you do it after the first year? I can't imagine holding all these stories it in my hand and flipping through!
    Not sure how long we will last in Indiana, way too cold for us too, yikes! We will definitely be there for the summer though. Let me know if you are ever in town and maybe we can get the girls together. Thanks again for the encouragement!

  3. Please, please, please don't ever stop! These posts are a daily joy for me! I am able to see and share in my grandchildren's little moments that could never happen if you didn't record them! I also love knowing even more fully the heart and the mind of my precious daughter. Keep it up, for you, for your children, and for all of us out here in cyberspace!

  4. You can't give up blogging - it is like my crack. I get mad when I check and there isn't a new post (no pressure), but then I just re-read the latest entry and get my fix just fine. :) I love it!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement and quite possibly one of the greatest comments ever Jami, you are so funny. Love you all and really appreciate the kind words!

  6. Holla back! Don't cut the cord!!! We love feeling closer to you and the family! Keep em coming sista. XOXO ~Ali

  7. You betnot stop!!! I LOVEEE READING THEM and keeping up with your beautiful family and living vicariously through you as a mom.


  8. Thanks for the love girls. xoxo


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