Wednesday, May 4

Tirty Two Weeks

It's pronounced "tree" here. As in, Nyah is tree years old, its tree o'clock, tirty tree cents is your change, and we will soon have tree chilren dem'.
But I will still only have two arms so I am wondering how I will accomplish all of the hugs, snuggles, squeezes and pats these two girls so love need. (Okay, who am I trying to kid here? I can't keep my hands off them).

When one wants to sit in my lap, the other is never far behind. I am sure this will only be personified when baby bruda arrives because Elsie (as her sister calls her) is pretty into snuggling, with two fingers in her mouth and blanket by her face. Baby bruda protruding in the way or not, she finds her spot. Obviously the little guy gets his fare share of nudges as these little bodies try to get comfortable.

But, I guess thats what awesome dads like George are for. Because combined we will have four arms and then we will outnumber the tree of them. Four arms will be enough arms for anyone and everyone to be held and loved on, all around, all the time. Tree will be okay, we can do this. Right?

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