Wednesday, February 16

Nyah's Favorite Popscicles

I have to share on of Nyah's favorite treats which she is so enthusiastic about. So simple, so easy. So, why didn't I think of this on my own? Trying to shape my mind to think more creative in the baker/chef category but its comes as a challenge for me. 

This particular recipe is by Jessica Seinfeld from her cookbook Deceptively Delicious, a book I don't actually own but the pages my friend photo copies for me when she discovers a tasty recipe. 

I am not sure what Nyah enjoys more, making or eating these Frozen Yogurt Pops (which she calls popsicles but I am convinced thinks is ice cream at the rate she devours them).

Start by pouring 2 cups plain low fat yogurt or vanilla yogurt and 2 cups of frozen berries (let them thaw a little prior for easy blending) into food processor. 
I am sure a wonderful organic frozen berry would be great here but we use what we can get on this island and just remain thankful the store had a shipment of frozen berries on that particular grocery day. We will probably replace the berries with mangoes during mango season. I will let you now how that goes.
Next, add 1/2 to 3/4 cup confectioners' sugar. We leave the sugar out most of the time depending on how many tart berries are. 
Next pulse until smooth. This is Nyah's favorite step, obviously. 
Pour mixture into molds or whatever you have. We used to use small tupperware containers with toothpicks or ice cube trays before we found these fancy, legit popscicle molds at the over priced hardware store.
Add popsicle sticks.
Place creation in freeze and be patient and if you are like Nyah ask ever half hour on the hour if the popsicles are ready yet.

If there is any left over, enjoy in a cup as a smoothie or as Nyah calls it, "a moovie" no matter how many times I correct her. Cheers (from Nyah).
Please ignore the mess.  Elsa had just completed her daily pull all the toys of the shelf duty while Nyah and I were making "moovies".

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