Tuesday, May 3

Walking Shoes

Where will they go, who will they be, what challenges lie in their pathes. What does life have in store for these two beautiful girls? 

Whatever their journeys bring, I hope they remain as devoted, close and patient with each other as they show to be at times, times like these. 
Little sister trying to walk in big sisters shoes.
Big sister helping little put "The Converse" on, as she calls them, then trying to once again master the entire process of putting on shoes. The tie. 
She tries and tries again. At home and at school, slowing our every departure with her multiple attempts. Practice, practice, obsessive practice.
And little sister waits patiently and my mind wonders, contemplating the questions above, my soul at ease in a calm and peaceful smile, enjoying the moment with my most beloved. I then focus in on the situation and notice this. 
Hear the angels sing. Behold the accomplishment. She has done it. She tied the shoe. The first I've seen. 

Way to go wonderful sister, way to help your sister out. Don't ever stop.

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