Wednesday, June 1

Stretching Their Legs

Perhaps its all the sunshine, or these long hot Indiana summer days, might be all the love, or maybe it was just their time, but both girls seem significantly older, wiser, and taller to me since we arrived in the middle of America. One of those things that happened all of the sudden, blind sides me out of the blue when I least expect it. Bam.  

Nyah is building her own relationships, bonding with people, making her own connections with nature, imagination working at warp speed.
Elsa is talking more, saying and repeating everything, "tank you, gelcome, Yaya (Nyah), Nana, oh no, baby" and the list goes on. And of course, swinging alone. Without falling.
They both seem to be physically growing by the minute, stretching out like the green grass and flowers which keeps them company in Nana's outdoor play paradise. 

It's different here than island and condo living. Outdoors is part of life just as much as on the island (minus the pristine body of water), but is as easy as opening the back door. No packing up, preparing, planning, or cars involved. 

Independent, free, mischievous with contagious happiness exuding from them. Indiana seems to agree with both of our girls. They are growing like weeds in every way right before our eyes. Guess they just needed a little room to stretch their legs. 

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