Tuesday, April 12

Lost & Hopefully Found

I am an all out panic. I have lost yet another precious item, I know, I know. I suck. The victim this go around, my camera. My old, out dated camera. My friend. Maybe this is the world trying to persuade me to get a nice, of this decade camera so I can capture better shots to post on here. A camera which would allow me to control little minor things so many people who take pictures control regularly like shutter speed and aperture. I am not ready for an upgrade though, I just want my dinosaur back.

I will admit, I have issues and am prone to stupid mistakes, mostly involving my cell phone, but my camera? Why? I had some great shots on there, great memories. The pregnancy brain thing is really driving me crazy. Is it true? I believe so, my forgetfulness seems personified these past few months. Lost stethoscope, forgotten grocery items, daily hunt for keys, getting in the wrong car, and the list goes on.

I have put Nyah in Elsa's car seat and vice versa at the store and many other places more times than I care to admit. Seriously, its embarrassing. The look they give me when one is on the other's respected side of the car is priceless, not to mention one car seat is HUGE and the other is small. The sad part is, I will go through the full buckling process before I do a double take at one of them knowing something doesn't look right. Nyah gets such kick out of this. She just sits there watching me go through the whole process with a smile waiting for that moment when I realize, I have done it again. She then giggles for hours and reminds me repeatedly what I did. Crazy Mom. 

Our house isn't big, at all, so one has to be quite skillful to loose things in here at the rate I do. The thing that frightens me most is Elsa is really into throwing things away these days. We have found some odd things in the garbage. George just shakes his head. He is that guy who puts everything in the same place over and over and over again for years and years and rarely looses things. He's the guy who gets under my skin when I loose yet another item, because he doesn't. 

Sad still to have such a long time companion gone. The one who captured my early St. Croix days, my pregnancy with Nyah, her birth, Elsa's birth, our wedding, family, and now up to the last trimester of my pregnancy with the little guy. And George just figured out how to use the camera without help. Great, here we go again. 

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