Sunday, October 31

Little Red and Cat

George and I finally gave in and got in the spirit of Halloween.  Nyah was fired up about this Halloween stuff, obviously not having a clue what it was, but after all the talk and hype knowing she had to be a part of it.

Every morning after waking she would ask, "Can I go to Halloween today?"

So the day came and Little Red Riding Hood was a hit. In true Nyah spirit though, she was more concerned about the Big Bad Wolf than Little Red, constantly talking about him when someone asked what she was. She jumps into bed a little quicker at night due to fear of The Wolf. If Kmart had a wolf costume, she could have been a wolf.  
Though there were no wolves around, we were accompanied by a pretty cute little cat who now wants nothing to do with being held or buckled into the confines of a stroller. She wants to be independent and on her own, all the time.
George took the kids door to door and I took them to a Fall Festival where Nyah got her face painted...
 ...and had her first taste of cotton candy. 
Its is never a bad time watching the girls having new experiences though I ended up eating the cotton candy. I forgot just how good it was.


  1. Uh oh. Sugar buzz for the nyster. They look so cute. I love Elsa's facial expressions and how independent she is. What beautiful girls. =]

  2. The girls look wonderful Suz! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job:)


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