Tuesday, October 5

Elsa Goes to Florida

Elsa made her first trek to Florida this past weekend. I have not stepped foot in Florida since graduating so it was so nice to be back. Florida used to be my mecca, all I looked forward to during the long Indiana winters and hot summers. It was so nice to take the little one on a trip, though I can honestly say I think I have gotten a little spoiled as a mom. I used to just pick up and go with Nyah, so independent and able to solve any problem. When traveling alone with Elsa I found myself looking around a little longer and strategizing in my head how to get stuff done. Yes, I was looking for George. I don't know how I used to do it. Who used to carry all my stuff?

Elsa melted hearts everywhere we went and insisted on making friends with whoever we were sitting by on the airplane. She would stare at the person softly touch their arm or leg and laugh until by the end of ever flight she and the person in the neighboring seat were serious friends.

Elsa perfected her back arching and going limp skills which helped her get out of unwanted situations. I am so happy she has learned this. On our longest flight coming home from Miami to Puerto Rico Elsa was in constant motion, attempting escape the confines of my lap at any chance. The girl needs to roam. I wrangled with her the entire flight, trying not to be that lady with the screaming kid kicking the back of the seat of the person sitting in front of us, until Elsa finally fell asleep. As the plane was landing. 

Overall we had a wonderful time. Cassy's wedding was beautiful and its always good to see old friends. Glad I was able to get the girls feet in the powdery Florida sand.

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