Thursday, October 21

Walking With Confidence

Elsa discovered her confidence yesterday at about nine o'clock in the morning and started walking. She had that look in her eye and she could not be stopped. She was walking only with encouragement prior to yesterday. I am not sure what happened during the night that made her wake and think she could conquer the world, but she was ready. 

Elsa struck out on her own at the laundry mat of all places. It seemed the risk of falling wasn't a big deal to her anymore and totally worth the hassle of getting back up.  I saw her improve during the long short time it took to clean the clothes and she hasn't stopped exploring since. 

I remember Nyah found her confidence in walking at a book store in Indiana. A little boy was toddling around and it seemed in her mind that she decided if he could do well so could she and off she went. I guess everyone has moments like this in their life.

This sweet precious little walking girl kept me up all night last night. Its amazing the effort the body has to put forth just to push teeth out. It was obvious she was in a lot of pain and nothing would due. She struggled all night and I was certain that we would have to make a trip to the doctor this morning to have her ears checked. I quickly changed my mind after she woke up this morning, of course when I finally got into a deep sleep, with a hug smile on her face, shrieking with joy, ready to welcome the day, acting like nothing we went through the night before even happened. How could she. 

Elsa is deep into her sweet air conditioned slumber right now, no doubt dreaming of small pieces of paper to put in her mouth,  while I sit here with burning eyes feeling the horrible effect of fatigue mixed with caffeine hoping some of what I'm writing makes sense. I should be napping too. My old napping skills are lacking, my mind won't settle down enough to let me sleep. My fingers are crossed though that all of Elsa's walking conquests today have made her tired enough to sleep tonight and that her teeth settle the heck down so we can rest. For George's sake, please.

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