Saturday, October 23

Our Trip West

George heads to class every Friday after work and doesn't get finished until well past the time the girls have gone to bed. We have gotten into the habit of doing a fun activity on Friday evenings to pass time and celebrate the weekends arrival. Girls only.

Today we made the trek to Frederiksted way on the West end of the island. It is actually not that far away but when living on a small island the other end can seem like forever away. The girls and I ventured out west with the great company of Ziggy Marley, various kids tunes and a some Lady Gaga, Nyah has become a fan. I looked at the speedometer once when I got the feeling I was speeding and realized I was only going 45 mph. Thats about as fast as we go around here. 

I adore Fredriksted. It just oozes history and has such a peaceful ambiance. A sleepy town with few signs of America around. I love the feeling I get when in Fredriksted. Perhaps its because I am usually there in the evening when the sun in setting. Sunsets have the ability to make me take a deep breath and wipe away whatever thoughts are lingering in my mind.

When we arrived in Frederiksted we went to see a new exhibit at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts. Guess I was craving some culture for the girls and I. Not much around here. But as it usually happens on this island, when you let the day lead the way, we ended up running into friends at the park. The kids played until sunset and then we all ate pizza together and didn't make it home until after dark. Some of my favorite days in life are the unplanned ones.

We had such a great day. The perfect way to celebrate our life together and help me keep my mind of what I must face tomorrow. 

The time has come. I got a j-o-b and I start tomorrow.  I cautiously broke the news to Nyah tonight as she was taking a bath and she just looked at me, laughed and said, "No. Daddy goes to work" and went on washing her doll's hair. Guess I'm not the only one in denial.

Here is a little video of our blissful afternoon and evening out west. Some say west is best and I have to admit, I totally agree.

Song: I Go Ka 
By: Ali Farka Toure

The quality of this video isn't the best. Try going here for a better version. My apologies, I was having some technical difficulties when attempting to upload. 

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