Friday, October 8

Tropical Rain

The monsoon is still upon us. The girls and I are relaxing and moving to some music, trying my best to keep them occupied. The bananas outside our condo are ripe and we made some wonderful banana bread today. These are the sweetest little bananas, so different from the typical variety found in the grocery store. 

We are enjoying the sounds of the tropical rain storm. Rain here is awesome and usually a blessing, except when water is coming in our house. Rain gives us a chance to slow down, relax and be together. When the sun is shining I usually feel guilty for being inside and doing nothing. 

The little rebels and I did finally made it out of the house today to do some laundry, which was an experience to say the least. Nyah was wonderful and is really into helping but Elsa wants nothing to do with being confined to a stroller. Just can't bring myself to let her crawl on the dirty floor. 

Well, we will be here, dancing, baking, painting and playing... until the sun shines again. 


  1. Reminds me of long ago days standing in the tin roofed shop listening to the calming sound of the rain as it came down, knowing tomorrow the corn will grow.

  2. So natural and beautiful.


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