Thursday, November 4

Puppy Love

We got a puppy! Kidding, we probably won't enjoy the company of a dog again for a long, long, long time but Elsa is doing the trick for now. 

As I mentioned before, Elsa is beyond independent since she has mastered walking, roaming all day with her feet out doing a Frankenstein like strut.  I don't what she does all day but whatever it is is some serious business and she cannot be bothered to be held or snuggled. She does still nurse but is off on a new adventure immediately after her belly is full. 

With her new freedom she has also discovered the goodness of food. She kinda passed on the whole smashed food stage and is now in full big people food mode. Except she doesn't sit and eat. She roams, comes in for a bite then roams some more. 

This is Elsa's new position in the house, begging at anyones feet who might have food. Eyes wide waiting for a bite, just a little nibble, like a puppy. 
If Nyah has a snack in the living room I make her sit in this chair where Elsa can't reach her because Elsa will attack for food. I am sure I only have a few more weeks of this strategy because knowing Elsa, she will learn to climb the chair soon.
We were eating dinner last night, at the table, like a normal family except the fourth member of our family was not at the table with us, she was under the table, waiting for her bite, like a puppy, happy as can be. She would get a bite and go do her thing, pace around the room or whatever and come back for more. I know I should make her sit in her high chair and eat but she has a long life ahead of her to be proper plus she eats so much more when she's allowed to eat and run. 
Such different personalities these girls have, thank goodness Nyah still likes to snuggle with her momma.  Never in a million years did I ever think Nyah might be the calm one. Shudder, we're in serious trouble.

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  1. That absolutely cracks me up. I was literally laughing out loud for that whole post. I cannot wait to see you guys. =]


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