Tuesday, October 12

She Walks

Here is a little eye candy for my family. Please ignore the frightening way I look. We were taking it easy that day, I in my comfy clothes, never predicting my child would decide to walk before I had a chance to get cleaned up. How dare she. I decided to take one for the team in order to share this monumental day in Elsa's life.

Elsa will be ten months on Saturday. 

At ten months Elsa is such an independent girl, playing alone or with her sister all day, only coming and standing at my feet with a pitiful whimper meaning she is hungry or tired. She still love to nurse and sleep, though she wakes up occasionally in the night. When she is tired she cries and the only remedy is to lay her down with her blanket, which she normally covers her face with as she is falling asleep. 

She wants nothing to do with baby food, opting instead for the real stuff. Rice and beans is quickly becoming one of her favorites. 

Elsa has perfected fit throwing in the past couple of days, expressing her now found voice most often when Nyah takes something from her or when getting her diaper changed. I am suprised at how early she learned this but I guess it is a survival skill when growing up with an older sibling. Elsa is so feisty and full of smiles. We love you beyond words littlest one.


  1. Bahaaaaa! I can't believe the little one is walking. What a little monster. She is going to do big things one day. You just wait.

    I can't wait to see her. And you. And Nyah. And George. Can't believe we all have to miss this milestone, but happy to have you share it with us.

    Love and miss you sister!

  2. Freedom! Elsa is perpendicular and abmulatory!!! Look out world!! Look out Nyah!!! Sister is busting a move!!!


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