Wednesday, October 20

Ten Months

Discussing kids growth is so cliche yet I can't help it, it is a blaring sign in my face. As I was holding Nyah before bed tonight I was just made aware of how huge she is.  I know this and I knew this but I was just blown away tonight. Trying to sit together, I could feel the weight of her pressing down on my legs as she was squirming to get comfortable in my lap because she is so long. Sitting on my lap was always a  no brainer for us. A safe haven for us both. 

I remember being a kid and one day realizing I was to big to ask anyone to pick me up just for the fun and love of it. I don't remember feeling sad, just accepting. Though I want to protect Nyah from this, I guess it is an inevitable part of growing up. Learning to stand on your own two feet and be your own big person. I just have a feeling this day is coming sooner than I anticipated or prepared myself for. Thank goodness no one is ever too big to sit in their mom's lap.

Check out this old girl who held her chest out a little farther as she strutted inside after she finished washing the truck with her Dad this weekend. She took such pride in her work because as she put it, "The truck was dirty". Duh. Obviously. She really didn't see what the big deal was.

As I held this sweet girl tonight, I decided to look back in my photo archives to see look if I could find pictures of Nyah when she was Elsa's age, ten months. 

I just giggled, there are so many similarities I am now seeing between the two of them. Same round, chubby cheeks same curious looks, same strong, purposeful crawl.  Funny how parenting works. Seems for me that I get so absorbed on the stages in front me that the memories of the girls before, the little memories, of their nuances, how they move, look, and behave seems to vanish. When everything is happening in the moment, and everything is either pure bliss or I am about to loose it, I could never imagine forgetting what is taking place right in front of me, though sometimes it takes a photo to take me back.

Wish I could keep the snapshot of Nyah on my lap tonight in my memory forever, because I know our future together will blow my mind and though I may not forget the moment we shared this evening, I may forget the details of her little three year old self. 

I breathed Elsa in a little longer tonight, sank my fingers into those juicy thighs and squeezed her a little tighter, knowing that all too soon she will be a big three year old in my lap squirming to get comfortable.


  1. Live in the moment. You can never forget that sweet little Yaya baby learning what it was like to be in grass. They are both going to get bigger and older, but they will never be too old for their momma. The best one in the world. =]

  2. Every moment is a treasure to be cherished. Every child is a gift. You are richly blessed!


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