Thursday, October 28

Field Trip

Elsa and I had the opportunity to accompany Nyah and her classmates on an outing this morning.  Nyah's school is located close to Christiansted so the class travels into town once a week to check out the sights and sounds. This was our first time to venture out with the class and what a wonderful morning we had. 
We walked to town two by two, holding hands and looking for new discoveries at every turn. We made it to the Fort in Christiansted and the kids finally, after the long walk of being on their best behavior, got to be themselves and run free. 
We then enjoyed a snack of peanut butter crackers and basil tea on the water front.

Elsa milled around the entire time. Elsa can draw quite a crowd when entering Nyah's school. The students have watched Elsa grow and always keep a watchful eye on her. The boys seem especially interested in Elsa, always touching her or hugging her at every chance, which caught me by surprise for some reason. 
The children ran up the hill...
...and they ran down the hill.
We then made our way back to school by way of the boardwalk. Two by two, chit chatting the whole way. We stopped once for a break and one red hot candy each.
We finally made it back to school with sweat dripping and rosy cheeks and the kids quickly devoured their lunches. Elsa then began terrorizing the classroom. Love that Elsa has the opportunity explore and get comfortable in the environment where she will someday spend so much time learning to be an independent and self motivated learner.

As I was walking and enjoying my morning with these little curious bundles of energy I was couldn't help but look back on my preschool experience. I remember my classmates, and I remember the mass chaos of playtime in the stinky church. I never recall my preschool teacher brewing tea for me from the freshly grown basil in the back yard which I helped grown, nor do I recall my teacher talking with such a loving voice or kissing me and telling me she loved me as I would left each day. 
I am so thankful Nyah is able to start her lifetime of learning in such a loving, diverse, warm and natural environment with a teacher that even I find inspiring. I love my visits to Star Apple Montessori and find myself wanting to linger in the peaceful environment Miss Jill has created.

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  1. How incredible for you and the girls to live amidst such beauty...the sky, the ocean, the grass, the colorful paint against the blue. You are blessed!


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