Wednesday, October 13


Storytime is an important event in our house. As I've mentioned before it is the perfect time for Nyah to stall before bed or throw a fit because storytime was cut short or taken away due to, well stalling. I thought I would take a moment to highlight some of Nyah's current book obsessions, which we read twice a day, and sometimes more, just depending on how lucky I get. If you ever wonder what I think, well I don't think, I just hear the catchy tune of the Dr. Seuss stories in my head all day.

Big A little a
What begins with A?
Aunt Annie's alligator....A...a..A

Big B little b
What begins with B?
and a 

and my favorite

Big M little m
Many mumbling mice
are making
midnight music
in the moonlight...
mighty nice

Nyah's is really fixated on Disney's Nursery Rhymes and Fairytales. As I was reading this book to her the other night, from memory of course,  I was surprised to realize that she too has the book memorized. I then tested her with some of her other storytime addictions, Dr. Seuss's ABC, and Ten Apples Up On Top, and she definitely knows them all. Im not sure why I thought she didn't have the stories memorized, I mean we've only read them a million times. I am so proud of her ease in picking up the stories and I am so glad she is actually listening, though it is now impossible to skip pages when feeling extra tired. One of my favorite things about being a parent is the feeling of surprise and pride felt when watching the progress of a child, realizing the hard work has paid off. The feeling is mighty nice.

Here is a little video of her reciting nursery rhymes. She can talk, I promise, but I think her mind moves a little too quick and her mouth can't quite keep up and she just ends up talking too fast. I have no clue where her tendency to talk fast came from.

Lets be honest, the girl can recite a pretty fierce Jack Be Nimble.


  1. I cracked up the whole time I watched this. She is such a smart little girl! She gets that skill from her momma by the way. The talking fast and the memorizing things. You always memorized the books and movies we read and watched. Like right now...recite The Little Mermaid.


  2. So cute! All the great parenting IS paying off. What a smart and passionate little girl! Way to go mom and dad!

  3. Glad you guys were able to enjoy this as much as I did. Thanks for the greatest compliment ever Ali!


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