Tuesday, June 5

His Eleventh Month

These days Jude spends most of his time vertical. He pulls up on anything he can get a good grip on. He is off playing with his sisters most of the time but still has plenty of time to snuggle with his parents. Thank goodness. 
Asleep while watching sports. He can't handle the stress of the playoffs.
He is eating much more these days, peas, sweet potatoes, and watermelon are a few of his favorites. We still haven't got a full nights rest and not sure when we will. 

Nyah is already talking about plans for his first birthday party. She seems to be excited that he will finally be a solid age she can hold onto and tell people, instead of a month. 
Elsa has created her own name for him, "Eensa." We aren't sure if she is mispronouncing a word or this is some Spanish word she has picked up or what, but she consistently calls him this and uses it as a term of endearment. Pretty cute, Elsa loves is her little Eensa.
Oh how we love this little guy. It's unbelievable to watch him grow into such a handsome, peaceful little boy.
Look how much he's grown.


  1. I cannot believe that he is almost a year! He is just so wonderful and beautiful in every way! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures! Are grandparents invited to the party? : ) Love, Nana

  2. He handsome!!!:) Grandparents are always invited Nana. We love and miss you!


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