Wednesday, April 11

His Ninth Month (+2 Weeks)

Woah am I late on this one. Jude is nine months old and is becoming more of a boy by the day. He has started biting us with his mouth full of teeth, banging on things and being noisy, pulling Elsa's hair out by the hand full (it's quite sad, poor girl), chasing his sisters with his army crawl type crawl, drawing attention to himself at the dinner table, and keeping his parents up all night. Yes, still. 

Jude still nurses like it's his job and isn't too interested in baby food, crackers are his fav. He wears clothes made for a twelve month old, plays peek a boo, and has the cutest, deepest, growl of a giggle. 
This month he celebrated his first Easter, went for his first swing, and spent a week with his Nana.
Most nights, after the girls go to bed and before he starts his middle of the night rally, I get overcome by his cuteness. He is so active at this time, calling for, "Dada," doing his caterpillar crawl (as Nyah calls it), biting me and giggling after, and I just can't take it all. He is so wonderful and I wonder what we ever did without him? 

And I keep getting this little feeling that he might be the comedian of the family and thats all right with me. Because the more he smiles the better.
And a video but please ignore my annoying voice. I just can't seem to help myself.

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  1. Nana is totally in love as well. He is just wonderful in every way!


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