Tuesday, June 19

A Little Bit of Lately

Not much going on around here lately, just raising kids and stuff. Our life has gotten into a bit of a rythm. From hour to hour, things are pretty predictable but never dull. Absolutely impossible with this bunch. But, I am relishing in the routine of now because all is about to change. 

George, along with Nyah, will be heading back to school in August. Guess I will have to warm up to those ol' LSU Tigers. As he is prepping himself for studying on top of working and being a superb dad all while dealing with me, I am psyching myself up to the idea of going at it alone with our three two nights a week. Because the truth is, I watch the clock and count the minutes until he gets home every night. It will be a big change for all but a welcome change. I really am so proud.

We have been trying our best to mix it up a bit on the weekends and get the kids out to see the world Louisiana. We can usually find a festival or event to check out if we look hard enough. 

On this particular weekend, we stumbled upon the Red Stick International Animation Festival. I really can't tell you much about the festival other than there was a balloon sculptor there who made princess crowns and really what else in life matters?
Jude and I doing what we do best.
This little guy is on the brink of walking. Standing and holding and walking while holding at every possible minute of the day. Standing up is his life's obsession at the moment.   
He is over the being held stage. It was good while it lasted. He always going, even on the cement drive way. It is so sad to see him drag himself doing his army crawl across the rough cement but its what he wants to do and who am I to stifle his curiosity. His knees aren't as bad as you would think. 
He recently chipped his front tooth during one of his conquests to keep up with his sisters. He goes so hard with them all day and then crawls into my lap and immediately falls asleep at nap time. So sweet this boy.
Elsa has really stretched out all of the sudden and she is an absolute sponge. She seems to be picking up on everything we have been working on with Nyah. She knows her colors and so many letters. And if she can't name the letter specifically, she can name an animal or object that starts with the letter. She amazes me with her random knowledge on a daily basis. I am sure it won't take her long to pass me up in the intelligence department. Definite benefits of an older sibling. 
She and Nyah are off playing all day. It is so hot or cold with them. Total love or a screaming brawl over something as simple as a rubber band. But she does her fair share of bossing her sister around.
Nyah is doing such a wonderful job at swim lessons, making progress daily. This, the island child who was afraid to get her face wet. She was swimming underwater within the first five minutes of class, hallelujah. Guess we just needed to get a professional on the situation. And the best part, she loves to swim and looks forward to it daily. 
While Nyah swims, Elsa plays "baketball" in the gymnasium, big time. She is so into basketball. Who would have thought? Now she always has some sort of ball in her hand. Guess we will have to get a hoop sooner than later.

And that is our life lately.


  1. Can you please make your kids stop growing? Gosh. Nyah looks so adult like, Elsa looks ten feet tall, and Jude walking?! Sheesh. Did you photoshop those pictures?

  2. I know Nik. They are growing up so fast!

  3. Ditto on all statements above. What happened to itsy bitsy Elsie?! She is a supa model! (Don't tell George.)

  4. Aw, thanks Jami. And don't worry, you're secret is safe with me.


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