Friday, March 2

His Eighth Month

Both of our girls' eighth month of life was defined by their mobility. But so far, Jude's seems to continue to revolve around snuggling with his Momma. Life is good but I feel like I haven't had the chance to put any of it down because my arms continue to be forever full. Not a bad problem to have, I know. But naptime is now solely dedicated to catching up on everything. 

Life from my point of view.
Jude is not crawling, yet. I am sure the fact that he doesn't like to play on the floor alone for longer than 10 minute spurts (if I am within eyesight) might have something to do with it. He seems to be in no rush to get moving and hasn't even discovered the fun rocking on his hands and knees. He is in no rush.

When I put him down. 
But then with a little sweet talking he can look like this thirty-seconds later. What am I supposed to do?
Jude has madman curiosity. As in must have anything within reach in his hands and in his mouth now, including place mates under full plates of food, Elsa's hair (one of his favorites), and shoelaces, just to name a few of his favorites. 
He is eating little crackers and things he can feed himself but still isn't really into the mashed baby food thing. I feeling like I am forcing him anytime I feed him and I am not into forcing my kids to do things I want them to do. It never really works out for me. He will probably be like the rest and go right for rice and beans. Where's Grandma when we need her?
Elsa calls him, "BayJude", short for baby Jude and Nyah calls him, "He's just sooo cute!" in her highest pitched voice. Nyah constantly tells him how proud of him she is which is beyond sweet. He is sleeping so much better, waking only 2-3 times per night which we are celebrating. Feels good to feel human again. 
Just a few observations.

Where Elsa was complete joy from birth, Jude makes up for with the gentle way he touches my faces, finds the sweet nook of my neck to snuggle into, or flashes his wide dimpled smile at me as our eyes meet the moment I discover he has been watching me do what I am doing from across the room. 

Where Nyah was demanding as a baby, Jude might have her beat. Jude is the quiet balance to the girls' constant chatter. Where the girls' were mobile early on, Jude has them beat with brute strength, loyalty and his curiosity. 

So drastically different each of them are but one thing is constant, their sweet smiles. Jude's is by far the widest but they all have a way of wiping the slate clean, refreshing my mind, and bringing me back to a state of calm, better prepared to face the next challenge the day will inevitably bring.

Happy eight month of life to you our littlest love, you are our joy.

Here is a quick video of Jude lately. The video is horrible. Part was filmed in the dark, (what was I thinking?) but behold the sweetest voice ever and hey, he might not crawl, but he sure can jump.

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