Friday, August 19

Jude Photos

It has become my new life mission to get a good photo of Jude. Its hard work I tell ya. I don't have one of those fancy quick shooting cameras so by the time the focus and multiple flashes go off on my old camera, Jude has already looked away, the moment long gone. Believe it or not, he is smiling. I will try my hardest to get some proof soon because that smile. Oh my. It's so adorable.
So, in pursuit of my mission, I decided to lay Jude on the ground in the living room yesterday to try to get some some shots. 
I honestly can't believe that was his first time I laid him out to relax on a blanket, kick around and explore his surroundings. But after about one-second of having him out on the ground in the wide, unprotected open, I now know why. 
Our girls, they are amazing. No matter where they are in the house, the moment Jude hits the ground, they come a running. I think they have the ability to sense an unprotected baby who needs to be mothered and smothered to the max. And smother they did, oh how they love their baby bruder. 
It actually took two grown adults to take this photo. Me snapping and my grandmother with all hands on deck, protecting Jude's precious head from unintended blows from well meaning little girls who are always going in for the full mouth to mouth kiss. They want to kiss him on the lips and will settle for nothing less. It was little stressful but I got a few shots (thanks Nan). 
And big sister was too busy in iPad-ville to participate in the photo shoot, but she is never too busy to mother her bruder (thank goodness).


  1. Jude and the girls are adorable. Good job momma!

  2. Thanks sweetie! Wish you could be in the pictures too, we miss you!


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