Thursday, October 6

His Third Month

Congrats littlest buddy, you have accomplished so much in the three months you been with us, though it seems like you have always been in our lives. You made your first major move to a house that you will hopefully make many memories in with your sisters. I think we can relax for a bit now because your family is one again.
We finally broke down and bought you a crib. We ditched the tiny bassinet back in Indiana. It was time. You are a big guy and needed a big bed. And just to make me feel worse about having you sleep in a small bassinet up until this point, you went ahead and rolled over during your very first nap in the big crib. I am sure you have been able to roll over for quite sometime now but just didn't have the room to move. But now you have all of the protected room you could ever want, so roll on little guy. The funniest part though is that you do not like sleeping on your back and each night when you roll from belly to back you get really upset and cry until I pick you up. I am sure you will sleep again soon though.
You eat constantly and still despise your car seat. It is almost simultaneous that the moment your back touches the car seat your cries begin and it hurts me so but unfortunately we must go places, though I would much rather sit at home and snuggle your little biceps all day.
You are awake much more these days and take two major naps. You are pretty fond of your thumb, watching the ceiling fans go round, and hanging out with your Dad. You two seem to get each other perfectly. I think you are just what each other needed.

You still have the most adorable dimply flirtatious smile and you melt my heart daily. Thanks for hanging in there through all of the moving madness. Loved is what you are.

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