Wednesday, May 2

His Tenth Month

My boy, my boy. How lucky we are to have you yet what a mess I am because of you. You are all I think about when we are apart and all I want to snuggle with when we are together. Your smell, your velvety cheek next to mine, and your compact little stout body makes my heart swoon. Ten months already, where has time gone? Guess I have to start planning that first birthday party.

You are pulling up to stand, when you want, which happens to not be much. You really don't get many chances though, to be honest. The ground is like a war zone with your older sisters around. Elsa has discovered that it won't hurt you if she lays on top of you so its a go. They are all over you and around you the moment you hit the ground, helping, and taking, and navigating your every move. 

Your oasis is your crib which is where you do some of your best work. But you know, alone time isn't really your thing, yet. So it usually doesn't last long unless I am there with you looking on proudly, smiling, and encouraging your every move. 
You have perfected your adorable wave and use it often to make society smile when we are out and about and is sometimes followed by a long, "Hiiii."
You are coming around a little more to the idea of eating mashed food but your favorite food (besides milk) is definitely paper. Under absolutely no circumstances can unattended books can be left on the ground or you will have a tiny piece of its pages in your mouth within moments. 

You are really into making things work. Doors and drawers are your favorite things to open. The best part of my day is watching you pull your little body across the house at an impressive pace the moment your Dad opens the door after a day away. 

You are the most adorable boy and definitely have your work cut out for you with two older sisters but I have a feeling you have it in you. You're a strong boy.

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