Friday, June 1

My Hair Education

So here is how the 'ol hair routine is going around here lately. Elsa and Nyah have drastically different hair types (if you haven't already noticed). Nyah has silky corkscrew curls and Elsa has zigzag curls that love to entangle themselves. But, in my eyes, both hair types are equally amazing. 
The 'ol go to detangler method I have been using to fix Ny's hair just wasn't doing the trick one Elsa's. And please let this serve as an instruction manual for Elsa's hair care in case I am ever not capable of caring for her hair.
We wash Elsa's hair on Sunday, and just stop right there. She bathes daily but her hair gets washed just once a week. By mid week her hair is a tangled mess and aside from leaving it up or braided all the time, nothing seemed to be working to tame her mane, and George loves her hair big and beautiful and free. Her hair has also been breaking off around the front of her hairline adding to the frizzy mess. 

I knew I was doing something wrong in caring for her hair. So I went on a mad Google and YouTube search to educate myself on her hair type so I could in turn teach her and hope that she will always love her hair and never turn to chemicals to straighten it. Not that chemicals are bad, I just happen to think her curls are super special. And little did I know that there is a whole natural hair revolution out there. 

My go to website has become UrbanBushBabes. One of the co writers happens to have Elsa's exact hair type so I have learned so much from this woman.

So here is Elsa's routine on wash days.

  • Finger comb through her hair to remove any major mess.
  • Wet hair and add clarifying shampoo- no sulfates! Distribute shampoo to create lather by pulling straight down on hair to avoid more tangles. (We use Queen Helene Stay Clean Shampoo- Whole Foods.)
  • Add deep conditioner or leave in conditioner and let sit while she plays, pours, splashes, and bickers with her sister.
  • Rinse.
  • Lightly dry hair with towel but not too much, water makes combing easier.
  • Add Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk (Target), give her her blankey and comb through hair with wide tooth comb. Never use a brush. Work in sections and be gentle. Though her hair looks big and bad, it is actually pretty fragile.
  • Apply flax seed gel and comb through (recipe below).
  • Seal the deal with an oil mixture.
  • Kiss her cheek and send her on her way.

Flax seed gel is by far the coolest product I have discovered from my search. I picked up some whole dark flaxseeds (linseed) at Whole Foods. You can find the entire flax seed gel recipe here

It was so fun to make this product and I had no clue the potential of flax seed. But if you mix flax seed + H20+ heat, a perfect gel is released that holds curls without the crunch or product build up feeling. Here is a photo as I strain the gel from the flax seed after heating the mixture. Pretty thick.
I also added tea tree oil, lavender oil for smell, and aloe vera gel. It makes all the difference in Elsie's hair. No more frizz! I will most definitely be using this on my hair for curly days.
Life in the hair department is so much easier for Elsa now that I know what I am doing. Combing is less painful and it is so much easier to mix up her style mid week now since the tangles aren't as bad.

Finally, I tried to tie their hair with silk scarves last night to avoid tangle buildup during the night but the novelty wore off and the scarves came off.  I will be picking up some silk or satin pillow cases to avoid tangles or breakage of hair at night.
And there you go. Elsa's new hair routine and evidence that I give her hair more attention than I have ever given my hair, but she is totally worth it. 


  1. And, I must add, that if anyone has anymore tips, tricks, or advice, I am always listening!

  2. Congrats on the education. There is so much to learn about curly hair and every type is so different. Have you seen or read the Curly Girl Method? It really helped with identifying my hair type and finding recipes from other curlygirls with hair like mine.

    I'm a little surprised about the shampoo. I'm a no-poo girl with my hair and it has made all the difference. I now use a "co-wash" to scrub my scalp and a heavy conditioner to moisturize. I'd love to get away from one of the two, but haven't gotten there yet.

    Also, I don't use a towel on my hair. I read that it is like velcro for curls, so I use a cotton tea towel thing and a process called plunking. I basically turn my head upside down and accordian my hair into the tea towel cloth and tie it up. This is after I put my leave-in and gel on while my hair is still soaking wet.

    To re-work my hair between washes I mix up water, tea tree oil, lavender oil and a few drops of my leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle. I just spritz it wet, gel and plunk.

    1. No, I haven't read Curly Girl Method but I will check for it at the library. I have noticed others identifying their hair type but haven't jumped into that area yet. I guess since I am just getting started with my curl education I am just trying to incorporation a little at a time.

      In my research I most definitely read about drying with a cotton towel/ t-shirt so I must add this to the routine. Also, I guess I was under the impression that I needed to shampoo with a clarifying shampoo at least every other wash to remove any buildup of products? But I do skip a shampoo often and just co wash but maybe I can eliminate the shampoo all together?

      I will mix up some of your leave in conditioner spray and try it between washes which is when we seem have the most problems. What is your favorite leave in conditioner?

      Love that I am in on the curl lingo. There is a whole natural curl world out there. Thanks again for sharing and keep me in the loop of any new stuff you discover. Elsa will thank you!

  3. Hol.E.Smokes. I wish Google and YouTube were around when I was a kid for this very reason!


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