Sunday, January 1

His Sixth Month

I can't imagine a better day to begin your final six months on the quest to celebrating your first year of life. Happy New Year George Jude.

What a busy month you've had meeting more family and enjoying the company of your Pop for the better part of the month. The two of you have quickly become best friends.
It is so wonderful to watch the bonds you are building with your family members, most who met you for the first time as we celebrated your first Christmas together. Your chilled out personality made it so easy for each of them to get to know you. Your sweet looks, smiles, loving touches to the face resulted in instant love between you and who ever held you. No one could fight it. 
You are still a little suspicious of this eating thing but are trying your best. 
You newest hobby is giving full blown open mouth kisses, drenching us in drool of course, since your are doing some hard core teething these days. I wish you could bust those guys out so we could all get some sleep, especially you. 

You are still growing exponentially and are wearing 9-12 month clothes. You made life easy for us starting wearing the same size diaper as Elsa. One size 4 box for us these days. 

I can't wait to enjoy the next six months and forever with you because I know you will start to change and become you more each day. I love the dimples on your cheeks, the flatness of your feet, your curly mohawk, and the way you hold my hand when you nurse. You are my dream boy. Happy half a year sweet guy.

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