Monday, April 4

It's a Go

We have the ultrasound pics of baby boy taped to one of our cabinet doors. A special place away from the photo and art work cluttered fridge door, the perfect location to display our latest creation. I glance at the fuzzy black and white images daily, letting my imagination run free. I often catch George pausing in passage to take yet another look at the little man in our life, who we are both so eager to meet. I look and think. He looks and thinks and the other day he finally said it. I admit, the thought has been hanging out in my mind too, floating around in there somewhere, not quite developed and definitely not worthy of verbalizing but when George came out with it the other day, I could do nothing but agree.

"Do you think that could be his umbilical cord?"

"Do you think it's disproportional to his body or is it just me?"

Mind you, neither of us have never seen an ultrasound of a boy, but dang.

So, though I don't really care, and in all relevance of important things in life, this sits pretty low, I have been allowing myself to think, what if he is really a she? It happens to families all the time, right? Mistaken ultrasounds. I have been psyching myself up just incase the little one decides to surprises on labor day. But today my friends, all side thoughts and hesitations in excitement were put to rest. My co worker did quick ultrasound to check for the manly goods and oh let me tell you, they were all there, beautifully there. No umbilical cord in the way. Its boy ladies and gentlemen, baby brother 100% confirmed.

It was so nice to see the little dude again. He looks perfect. The hesitation in my mind has been replaced by anticipation and excitement deep in the pit of my growing abdomen. Can't wait to get my hands on my baby and make a momma's boy of him (don't tell George).

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