Friday, April 8

Parents & Chicks

She got to spend the dreary, rainy morning in town with her parents, sister busy at school. Two hands to hold, the two people who adore her most all to herself. 
She accompanied us to complete our passport renewal. Today, the day we renewed. Who would have thought, two strangers from worlds apart coming together and having to renew passports on the same day. We thought of ourselves then, ten years ago, applying within one day of each other. I, a young wide eyed girl (literally, you should see the photo) eager to head to New Zealand, freshly free from high school. He renewing as an island boy for easy travels between the islands.  St. Croix the rendezvous point. This busy little girl, the result of our love. 
Independent but still requiring an occasional helping hand to walk up steps and for the occasional swing with each of her hands in ours. But in true Elsa style, she takes the swing from her parents to the max and kicks her feet out mid swing and throws her head back. Attempting a back flip? Probably.
We met another mother on an outing in town with babies in tow. 
She gets it, she is also the mother of an indepenant baby. A baby who still needs the occasional assistance of helping hand after being separated from the group. Our precious chicks.

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