Wednesday, April 13

Here's One for the Good Guys

No need to ring the alarm. Crisis adverted. My dinosaur camera is home, found all the way on the other side of the island. Steps were retraced and I was able to recall the last place I used my camera (can't believe I could actually remember). 

The girls and I had spent the better part of Sunday moseying the grounds of Estate Whim Plantation Museum, gawking at the local art, indulging in Starving Artist Day. If you have never been, its great. St. Croix is blessed with some amazing artist and jewelers. I was mostly into the fabrics this year. 
The girls really enjoyed the smoothies and entertainment. 
Guess who just had to dance?
Our little artist even got the chance to work her magic.
So on a chance, I called the folks at the museum to see if a kind soul had turned in a camera dropped by a fuzzy minded pregnant woman, and sure enough, they had it. George raced over to pick it up and it feels so nice to have her back. Lets see how many more years I can make this camera last.

I am so thankful for kind people who inevitably always renew my faith in humanity. I needed a little reminder after my rough run in with the rude, forward, down right mean crack head yesterday who was trying to beg money from me, the obviously pregnant momma, as I was attempting to buy food for my two children. Ha dude, nice people win...again.


  1. Yay! One for the good guys! ~Ali

  2. Yeah! Chalk it up! Love ya AliBali


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