Tuesday, April 26

Easter Catch Up

Here are the highlights of our first Easter egg hunt with the girls, under the mango trees at their grandparents (of course). Sorry I am a little behind posting these. Better late than never.
In typical sibling fashion, Nyah found all the eggs and even when Elsa was en route to making a mega discovery, sister would speed ahead and claim the egg prize. Elsa definitely got it and even managed to place a few eggs in her basket. I think she will definitely be ready next year after her sister initiated her to the art of hunting Easter eggs.
But, we wouldn't have it any other way. Both enjoyed themselves and ended up sharing treats in the end. 
I keep wondering what kind of personality this little boy will have or should I say have to have to survive keep up with these two energetic, independent, strong willed, rambunctious girls. By the frequent and strong movements he makes throughout the day, reminding me of his presence, I am guessing he won't have much trouble and will fit right in. Bless his little soul.

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