Sunday, April 3

Everything in Time

Nana has left the building and life around here is slowly getting back to normal.  A good time was had by all, especially Ny who already started the countdown until Nana's next visit which provides the opportunity for some serious lessons in time. Much talk around here about months, weeks, and the human gestational period, as Nana will be back to St. Croix, or wherever we are in this world, in time for baby boy's arrival. 

The highlight of Nyah's week, well besides basically every moment of having her favorite person around, was her first boat ride to Buck Island aka the location of the most beautiful beach in the world.
Oh, and don't let the snorkel gear fool ya. She is still deathly afraid of the deep ocean. Not quite sure how that happened. The fact that she is afraid of the ocean is typical, I guess. Having her object to something George and I adore keeps us very aware and helps us recognize her individuality. We have tried everything and every sort of swimming contraption invented but have come to realize that only with time, hopefully, will she come around. Elsa on the other hand, yikes. Watch out. She would jump in alone if allowed, already going under, repeatedly and loving every minute.

So back to reality and in the home stretch of this pregnancy, just waiting for time to pass until we get to meet the littlest dude. Its warming up around these parts so everyone is starting to move a little slower. The calendar doesn't lie though, things are changing and I realize that in just a moments time our arms will be filled with our newest bundle of joy. Still taking advantage of every moment until that day in June to prepare and continue to strategize how I am going to fit everyone in our truck and how I am going to navigate, alone, from the truck to the house with two little ones in tow.

More on the topic of how we prepare for a baby tomorrow.

Until then, wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday mornin'!

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