Friday, January 21

Rough Week

Well, things haven't really been going our way lately. Nyah got her first shiner, battle wound of running in the house at her grandparent's house. Kitchen counter will get you every time. It looks a lot worse than it feels (I think) because she hasn't mentioned it since it happened and seems so annoyed when we discuss it. The topic typically comes up a lot, especially when other see her and are like, "What the heck happened to your child?" with a judgmental and horrified look on their face. The eye is healing nicely and so am I, ugh, I just felt horrible for her. 
I ruined yet another cell phone this week. I am a chronic cell phone destroyer. I can usually make one last a couple months but thats usually the extent of a phone's life in this house. Never fails, I always drop it into something stupid or think, maybe for just this one little second, the kids will not destroy it if I let them play with it. I guess the first step to recovery is admitting the problem. So this go around Elsa decided to give the phone a little dunk in the toilet. I am convinced all of my problems in life would be solved if they just made waterproof phones. I guess every super hero has its weakness and the cell phone's is agua. I got pushed into this century though and got one of those fancy phones with a touch screen. Yeah, I'm lost.
Nyah going in for the kill
I caught myself wearing mom shorts yesterday, you know, the shorts from Banana Republic that are to high in the waist and hit the thigh just a little too low and make the butt look like a huge flat pancake. Yup, that was me and the sad thing is is that I honestly didn't care. 

I now get it and fully realize how the mom short/jean phenomenon began, simply due to lack of caring and not to mention enough spare time in the morning when getting dressed to even look in the mirror. I am sure those early twenty something year old free and single girls sitting on the bench examining my flat bana as I walked by yesterday were no doubt making silent promises to themselves that they would never dress like a "mom" and wear those horrible shorts no matter how many kids they have, as I am sure I once did. All of my pride is gone. Wears my minivan? 
On a more positive note, Elsa just got her eighth tooth and hopefully will be taking a break from the growing teeth thing for a while. We also felt the little bambino kick for the first time last night. Definitely made it all more real because I am not showing in the least and I am actually starting to feel like a human being again.  But there is no denying that those flutters in the belly were that little life making his/her presence known. Pretty awesome no matter how many times I have felt it.

Oh, and sending tons of love to the best Grandma, Great Grandmother and Nan in the world, hope you have a wonderful birthday! We love you.

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