Wednesday, April 20

Easters Comin'

Here is a peak at some of our Easter activities. Nyah is pumped, beyond excited to receive her Easter basket and participate in her first Easter egg hunt. George is getting psyched up for his first egg hiding experience. 
Our island beaches are already littered with tents. Camping on the beach is a popular Easter tradition among the locals here, a tradition I hope to participate in someday.
The most interesting thing I have learned in the process of preparing for Easter with Nyah is that she is madly in love with hard boiled eggs. Who would have known? She at two while we were coloring the eggs and was begging for more. She tried to save a special egg for her grandparents but just couldn't help herself the next day. 
Watercolor decorated card stock eggs.
 Tissue paper decorated card stock eggs.
Here's to Easter, traditions, and discovering a new healthy snack for our girl.

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