Thursday, April 14

Can't Help It, The Girl Can't Help It

I was finally able to catch Elsa doing one of her favorite activities (besides jumping). She often goes off alone and when I find her, this is what she is doing. Reading. 
Reading is something we do often, especially with Nyah. We read to Elsa, introducing her to the wonderful activity but by no means do we push her. Looking at books is something all her own and I couldn't be more proud. She just can't help herself, can't get enough and its awesome. I guess she is trying to figure out what all the hype is about. 

There is no secretly if Elsa has been in the room because books litter the floor. George and I have to do a mass book clean up a couple times a day so we have room to walk. Will she be our scholar? Probably, but if not she will no doubt have a madly successful career as a stunt devil.

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