Thursday, April 21

She's (Done) Just Begun

Its official. She's a big girl. She is finished, one hundred percent, hasn't nursed in three days. Elsa has spent the past few months only indulging in a quick snack at night and not even hinting towards the desire to nurse during the day. 

I keep waiting for the night time call to feed but it just hasn't come, she's over it. She woke up last night but didn't assume her usual position of throwing herself down in the nook of the bend of my arm, she simply just needed a hug and to be put back to bed. She's growing in every way.

I have been waiting for this day, dreaming of this day for a while now. Mostly because the pregnancy has made it extra uncomfortable to nurse but also because I am terrified of having two babes begging for milk. Not sure I could handle the pressure to produce and satisfy two. But now that the anticipated moment has come, I have to admit, I kinda miss the time Elsa and I shared together. Miss her sweet looks, rubs, and relaxed time we shared where she was completely content. 

She just dropped me. No warning, no phone call. She just ended it, like that.

Here is a look at one of my all time favorite moment nursing my not so baby girl, besides, well, every moment. Our wedding day, the chaos, the hustle and bustle, and the moment she made me pause, relax and take a moment for her. 
So thankful my mom was able to capture this perfect moment between me and this amazing girl, only after she unzipped, unbuttoned, and released me from the dress.

I think this is also the moment the young waiter awkwardly walked buy and I reminded him that, "This is why its important to get married before you have kids." Other than being nervous at the sudden sight of a nursing woman, and avoiding even the slightest glance in my direction, I think I got a smile from him. 

For now I will enjoy my last few months of freedom from feeding and give the girls a rest, they will be needed in full force to serve their ultimate purpose again soon enough. In the meantime I am going to shower my growing and independent sixteen month old girl's soft and chubby cheeks with an overabundance of kisses while she is still the baby in the family. You are growing up beautifully baby girl, keep it up. 

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