Thursday, March 24


The countdown has finally come to an end. In less than twenty-four hours my Mom will arrive on the island. There is such a buzz in the air. Nyah is most excited and has had the sleeping arrangements planned for months, obviously Nana will be sleeping in her room. Pictures are colored and awaiting the superstars arrival. George and I are excited because having Nana around means a little down time for us and possibly some alone time since we will have a built in babysitter who is actually excited to watch the girls. Who knows what we will get out and do, the options are endless. We might even get gussied up and go and be social. Not sure if I remember how to do that but exited to give it a try.

It has been awhile since Nana was in the house, over a year to be exact, when Elsa was born.
We are so excited to have you back. Safe travels Mom, we can't wait to see you.

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