Thursday, November 17

Our ERGObaby

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I have to dedicate an entire post to one of our favorite baby item. Because it is our life saver. Something we use daily, and is absolutely an item I can't do without.

So here is how our love affair with the ERGObaby carrier began. I first heard of the carrier in St. Croix when my brother and sister in law were staying with us. We wanted to take a challenging hike to some tidal pools and we wanted to take Ny along, naturally. Since she was just over year old, the thought of her walking just wasn't an option. 

At the time, I only had a sling to carry Ny in and honestly my neck would hurt after extensive use, especially with a heavy babe. So my bro suggested the ERGO, his friend had used one and loved it. I did my research and forgot about it. 

Then when Elsie joined our party, Nan gave us an ERGO as a baby gift and that was it. We were hooked.

From dropping Nyah off to school, to competing a grocery run with three kids (one being a little on the rebellious side which speaking of, I broke my promise to myself and tried a store run with her yesterday and it was a success. Thank you Doritos!), to enjoying a family walk, or an afternoon in the park, the ERGO is part of us and allows us to be comfortably hands free to keep up with the spunky ones in our lives. 

And there is really nothing better than having your most treasured close to your heart.
And George even wears Jude, though the adjustments have to be let way out to account for his XL shoulders, it still fits us both perfectly. Women old and young just can't help themselves when they see Jude so close to George and have to stop and aww all over our guys. 

George overheard the woman behind the pastry counter profess to her co worker the other day that, she was, "Going to make her husband wear her baby like that," which might be the best we've heard yet. Hopefully George is contributing to the idea that baby wearing is the cool thing to do as a guy.

Giving Elsa an easy lift while wearing Jude.
My mom even took to the ERGO this summer in Indiana and often requested if she could "wear" Jude when we were out together. Its just so comfortable, even with a big heavy dude like Jude. 

But most importantly, the little buddy is so cozy and in pure bliss when he is in his perch and sleep usually greets him within an instant.
Our Ergo is old (but still going strong) and now that I am checking out the website, I see many updates have been made which is great. Here is our ERGO, minus the stylish fabric. Our ERGO has a grey hood.

The ERGO. Jude's automatic mode of transport when we are out and about and a baby item we absolutely couldn't live without. Thanks ERGO!

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*Follow up: Click HERE to see photo of George with Jude in ERGO.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I went ahead and looked for one last night. I am a little nervous with Landrey on the way and Ainsley NEVER slowing down. I have a carrier I used with Ainsley some, but I didn't really like it so we rarely used it! Going to give this one a try!

  2. I think you will love it. It is just so comfortable and key to keeping up with quick kids! I just feel so much safer when we are out having two hands free so I can chase and catch Elsa. I didn't get the infant insert and got by fine but then again, Jude was huge. Loving Landrey by the way!


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