Wednesday, November 30

A Little Lost

Bummer. I finally made myself do it this morning. I reluctantly turned my old computer over to Best Buy for a little tune up. I have been procrastinating trusting my computer in the hands of another for the better part of this year but the warranty expires in a few weeks so it was time to be a grown up and give it up.

Unfortunately, turning a computer over for service is nothing like turning a car over. No rentals available. So I will be giving it a go on George's work computer which I feel so awkward using. I am a Mac girl through and through. I am not sure how picture uploading will work on this guy but hopefully I can keep up the blogging (with photos) until my bff returns home in an estimated 3-4 weeks.

This Dell and I have gotta make this work because the Christmas tree just arrived and the girls are over the top, and Jude turns five months tomorrow. Hope to have a post with photos up soon.

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