Wednesday, November 9

Life Lately

Writing has been a struggle these days since Jude and Elsie are kind of staggering their naps. Nap time is my usually my blog time so they are really cramping my style. Only kidding. I will gladly give up staring at a computer screen to kissing their scrumptious cheeks any day.

Elsa has been rocking the potty training business. She totally gets it and will go anytime we prompt her to go. She has accomplished both number one and two, TMI, I know. When we intrusively ask Nyah if she is going number 1 or 2, she usually replies screams that, "I am going number three!" Elsa hasn't accomplished any number threes yet though I am not sure what that exactly is nor do I think I want to know. 

Yesterday I made a personal vow to myself and all of society that under no circumstances will I ever take Elsa into a store, ever again. I may be exaggerating but the scale of her tantrums lately are massive and always during check out when there are plenty of people around to pass judgement. She can really let the tantrums rip, the sweet girl, and I know it is something I am doing wrong like hungry, tired, misunderstood but solving the problem is never that easy when trying to pay and make a swift exit from a store. 

The tantrums are such a drastic change from her normal cheerful personality that it is almost comical. So we will take a deep breath and ride out the challenges the second year of life inevitably bring. And by the way, it is definitely easier the second go around since we know what to expect because with Nyah I was like, WOAH.
The girls and I got out alone this weekend. Jude hung back with George while we went to lunch and a birthday party, like the old days. I am not a big fan of pumping so I had zero stores of milk in the freezer. George tried to sneak a little formula in on Jude and the boy would not have it. I guess Jude made a sour face and would have absolutely nothing to do with the bottle business the rest of the day. 

They survived and I learned that our boy is no fool, might be a little picky, and that I must prepare if I ever want to get out without him again, which I don't want to do very often. The girls on the other hand had a ball with the bottle. They just couldn't figure out what the heck it was doing in our house and of course Elsa had to give it a try.
Nyah is still into seriously sporting the accesories, and no, I did not dress them alike on this day. That was all Nyah's doing since she dresses herself now and is open to absolutely no suggestions. She is as sweet as ever and is looking forward to the holidays and is enjoying learning to write her name. The majority of her days after school are spent convincing me why I should let her eat more Halloween candy. George won't let me throw it away, he says they need to have some joy in life, so I am trying to be patient. 

We are still busy around the house working on bigger projects now like a fence, blinds for our massive windows (yikes), and logs for our fireplaces. We will have visitors for both upcoming holidays so we are so are getting so excited to really break this place in.
So now I am going to focus my energy on trying to figure out how to cook a turkey before the babes wake up because I have no clue. Depending on my Mother in Law for this one.
Sending love to everyone!


  1. I laughed SO hard at this post. So much that three people at work have asked me what could possibly be so funny. You have captured Nyah and Elsa perfectly. Nyah screaming about number three. And doing her best to convince you to let her have more sweets. And Elsa with her temper tantrums (seems unreal to me that the sweet girl can throw those, I'm sure they can't be as awful as her sister's) Obviously Jude loves his milk and does NOT want a substitute for his favorite stuff.

    Thank you for the entertainment and enjoyment of reading about my three favorite children. These posts make my day. Love you sister.

  2. Love you too Nik! You know them so well and just wait until you experience a tatrum...oh my! Hope we see you soon.


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