Tuesday, November 1

Halloween Recap

I will just get straight to the point. Breast or "milk" as they are referred to around here are a pretty big deal in this family. They are kind of the center of our universe since one kid or another seems to always be nursing. Nyah talks about my "milk", her "milk", and George's "milk" constantly and loves to reminisce on the days when she drank milk (though I don't think she actually remembers) and the days when Elsa did the same. Elsa just constantly has her hand down my shirt rubbing them, and well Jude, his 17 pound little self says it all. 

So when Nyah discovered The Little Mermaid in her stories this summer, she immediately fell in love with the nice sea shells covering Ariel's "milk" and has been planning her mermaid Halloween costume since. She often reminded us that she wants "these" (pointing to Ariel's sea shells). 
Am I worried about her fascination with this part of the body? Do I think she is growing up too soon? Absolutely not. I can see no better way for Nyah to learn about the female body and her body then by seeing it used for its ultimate purpose. In my mind, her fascination it is only natural.

And though the shells weren't quite like Ariel's, I think they worked perfectly for her. She wore the costume proudly the entire day, first to school then out on a hay ride trick or treating with her dad.
We were going to have another little mermaid but Elsa ditched the costume at the last minute but inherited a witch hat at some point in the night.
The girls really seemed to enjoy their first Louisiana Halloween. Little guy and I hung back and handed out candy but he passed out about an hour in. Maybe next year.


  1. Halloween in Louisiana looks like so much fun! There are so many kids in such wonderful costumes. It looks like Nyah and Elsa have some really great friends there. Exactly what they need! I am so glad Nyah has taken after her Aunt Nikki in the loving of Ariel. She still needs to watch the movie..

  2. Yes, Halloween is off the hook here. It is so dear to my heart that Nyah likes Ariel, always reminds me of you as a kid.


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