Tuesday, November 15


I guess I would call myself the opposite of a hoarder. I actually probably give away/throw out a little too much out at times but a lack of clutter just feels so good to me. With that being said, after returning from the islands and moving this go around, I naturally came across a ton of my old stuff

It seems I have secretly been stashing things away my entire life in anticipation of something. That something was always a mystery but I remembering saving little things here and there, knowing always that saving items that meant something to me was a must. Luckily, my Mom graciously let me store all my extra stuff in a closet at her house all this time. Now that I finally have a home of my own (on the mainland) I am finally able to get it all out and give her her closet back. 

And then over the weekend as I was unpacking some more stuff and doing a little more decorating in Nyah's room, I suddenly realized that this is what I have been saving each little trinket for. This is it, this is the now, this is the time, this is my life. This is what I have been saving for. 

So I did it. I busted the dolls out, which I was given as a girl from my great grandmother, Katharyn, some twenty-one years ago, and gave them to my girls. Finally, a new life for the dolls, out of the boxes, out of the closet and to their new rightful owners. It just felt so right.
Most of the stuff like old jewelry I will save until they are older and more responsible but it just feels so good to know that all of my hidden treasures finally have a home with my children. The children I must have been waiting for.

My girls love the dolls and especially Angelina, from Mexico, who just happens to carry her own pinata.
I did a little research to see if I could find some more dolls from this collection for Nyah and Elsa but I guess they were discontinued. So no Caribbean girl or African girl to add to the collection but maybe we can find something similar someday.

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