Friday, November 18

I Can't Believe I am Writing This

As I dropped Nyah off to school one morning last week, her teacher rushed out and started picking through her hair with absolutely no warning. I was a little taken aback but before I had time to ask questions she broke the news to me. Another student's mother had just called and revealed that the boy had... lice. 

As in head lice. 

As in bugs crawling around in his hair and reproducing. So she was checking each kid before letting them enter school and I thought that was that. Thought she was nippin' the bugs in the butt and avoiding an epidemic of grossness.

Jump to yesterday afternoon, as we entered school to pick Nyah up. The teacher breezed by me and nonchalantly just happened to mention to me that she wasn't sure if I knew, but five kids now have lice now, no big deal. 

Um, what? FIVE?! Which at this point means bugs must live in the school and could be taking up residence on us as we speak? 

I immediately wanted to grab my children, pick them up under my arms and run the heck out of there. I am not sure what shocked me more, the thought of my children having lice or the fact that she had no doubt we would have to cut the girls' hair if they contracted the little problem.
I'm itching as I type this.

Can you even imagine if either of our girls got lice? Do you realize how much hair they have? I mean, it's a struggle to comb Elsa's hair with a regular comb, let alone a fine tooth one. When I say that washing hair and combing night is a big in our house, I mean its a huge, has to be scheduled in advanced and takes a good hour of our lives to complete. Combing our girls' hair with a fine tooth comb would result in WWIII & WWIV up in here and is not a battle I ever,ever want to wage. 
So I don't know if I should take this as a sign that the over priced preschool is dirty or just roll with it as one of those things that happens in schools and a part of childhood. And for the record, the school is great and I am sure the teacher is living out one of her greatest nightmares that could ever occur in her sweet school. 

The teachers explained that this was the first "outbreak" in nine years and the best thing to do to avoid the problems was to put product in the girls' hair because the bugs do not like dirty hair. And at that point, even the teachers and the assistants were in the restroom showing off their sprays and products to me which they apply each morning as some sort of defence. 

So I just said a little thank you to myself, as we bolted out of there, that our girls have the hair they do which can't be washed more than once a week (you think we're weird now) unless really dirty. Because I am convinced Nyah's only defense against infestation (I don't even like that word) are her dirty curls. 

And you better believe she left for school this morning with her hair completely loaded with lotion, serum, oil and hairspray in hopes that she doesn't bring any little friends home. And I thought we just moved away from all the bugs I could ever want in my life.
She asked what I was doing as I obsessively drenched her hair in any and everything I could get my hands on. My reply was something along the lines of, "Bugs. Don't want to let the bugs get in your hair." I can't wait to see how she repeats this information as her imagination runs wild with it all day.

And I can't believe I am writing this because our family that is en route to our house for the holidays suddenly just realized that something has come up and they won't be able to make it. 

Seriously guys, no issues here. I promise. Please, don't turn around.


  1. Grab yourselves some Tea Tree Oil. It is a natural bug repellant and works for lice. I put some in with my shampoo whenever I'm going to be near little ones. You can also put it with a little water (I put lavender oil with it) and spray it on your hair. It smells nice and keeps you protected. I had it work for me once when I was in the Philippines and the entire orphanage got lice and I didn't. I shared my secret and they now use it regularly.

  2. I am going to buy some right now. Thank you for suggesting a remedy, and natural one at that! I will also share the info with Nyah's teacher today. And you have such gorgeous curls too! Thank you so much.


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