Monday, July 11

A Favorite Baby Item

One of my all time favorite baby items I have discovered with the birth of Jude are these blankets by Luna Lullaby. I wish I had them with each of the girls. I have mentioned before that I am not into all of the crazy contraptions that are invented for babies but these blankets are a must have. 

Oh the softness, the stretchiness, the hugeness makes this the ideal blanket to achieve the perfect tight swaddle resulting in a calm baby. Something I am really into. 

Oh, and the prints are precious. I went with rocket ship bundle well, because I can since we have a boy.

I originally heard about these blankets from blogger, The Pioneer Woman, who I love to check in with periodically for new recipes, photography how to and inspiration. Her beautifully taken photo tutorial of recipes not only make everything look delish but they are super easy and over the top tasty. So she recommended these cotton muslin blankets and I went with it and I am so glad I did. 

These blankets are light weight, perfect for summer (or island living, if you are into that type of thing) and become softer with each washing. Love, love, love. And Jude is pretty into them also. And lets face it, if he's happy, I'm happy.

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