Monday, November 14

Baby Blues

With the variable temps around here, hints of fall, and the upcoming holidays, it just seemed like it was time. Time to put some blue jeans on our baby boy. 
And he immediately looked about eighteen. 
Eighteen, dressed, and ready to kiss us goodbye and head out the door to hang with friends, or whatever it is guys do. 

Definitely not the look I was going for. 
Please note, his shirt is not dirty. I just slipped it over his head prior to taking these photos. This shirt is just evidence of how intensely he is teething. The drool, it's coming in buckets.
And in all matters concerning dressing a boy, well maybe its because I have been drowning in pink, princess, and purple dresses for so long, but I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of the boyness of this guy and the clothing that comes with it.  
There is just so much to love about our little buddy. I could seriously go on and on...

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