Tuesday, August 9

How We Roll

I am almost ashamed to admit how many strollers we have been through since I started this whole wild experience of having children. I just can't help myself. Though I am seriously into baby wearing, especially when the babies are new, I am also always up for being mobile, getting a little exercise in here or there (something I should seriously consider doing now because these stretch pants aren't going to last much longer) and just being an all around active human being. 

Oh and I can't forget that strollers are a must for us when traveling. Nothing like rushing to a flight trying to pull little arms along. 

Nyah started the whole stroller collection in the ol' travel system, large and in charge stroller which car seat easily snaps into. We still break this bad boy out from time to time when one child wants to sleep because the seat lays back, all the way back.

I then purchased an umbrella stroller when Nyah and I moved to the island and I loved how light weight and compact it was. Perfect for the two of us. Sadly though the stroller was left on the island because George made me choose, and with three the idea of this precious little stroller wasn't realistic.

When Elsa joined the party we opted for the Sit and Stand Stroller, having Nyah in mind, wanting her to have the option to sit or stand since she was really pushing the age of insisting on independent walking. I didn't feel comfortable using the Sit and Stand stroller with Jude and Elsa because at this point, we just can't trust Elsa to sit or stand since jumping is really more her thing. 

The Sit and Stand is a good stroller, I guess, if you are into pushing a limousine around and really getting your back into it when making sharp turns. Though this stroller is a little awkward, she really served me well and helped me be independent and get back into shape after Elsa. Many of afternoons were spent pushing this stroller up the many hills of St. Croix with two girls (or more) cruising along.  But if I would have known better, I wish I would have just gone with this double jogger from the get go. Though a bit pricey, definitely worth the investment.
Really cool sunglasses sold separately.
This stroller is the ultimate, and by ultimate, I mean its badass. The stroller pushes like a dream, can turn on a dime, has shocks, hello, and can even be steered with two fingers, which I try not to do too often. We tested all of the double joggers in the store. Were those customers who quizzed the saleswoman, repeatedly, and then asked some more questions but in the end, this was the smoothest and easiest stroller to manage for a girl like myself. 

There is a baby attachment but at the moment Jude still rides in the Ergo while the girls ride in style. 
The only down side to the baby attachment is that the baby can only ride while stroller is being jogged with after six months, which by that time the baby could sit in the big seat. The baby attachment is also a bit difficult to get on. In other words, George has to attatch it.
Overall, I love this stroller for every day activities, not only running (which I honestly haven't tried yet). Its smooth guys, real smooth. I have dreams of someday taking the two littlest out for a jog while big sister is at school but right now that is only in my dreams. But I do have faith that this stroller can make all of my dreams come true, seriously, its that awesome.

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  1. Suz I have this stiller too!


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