Monday, November 7

Flea Market Find

Our latest (or first, ever) flea market find.
A nice little pair of Mexican paintings.

Five dollars each, with frame. The woman we bought them from wasn't sure where the paintings came from or who painted them, she bought them from a woman and was reselling them, obviously trying to make a dolla, but she did her best to convince us we needed these two in our lives. How did she know?

Here they are all trimmed up and reframed (in new frames).
Perfectly gender neutral (which is totally my thing now), wonderfully colorful, and the perfect scenes to spark a kids imagination.
I found Nyah staring into the paintings the other day and that is when we found the pinata. So appropriate since the pinata is the highlight of all our celebrations.
Can't wait to place them in their new home- the hallway leading into the kids rooms. Gotta love cheap art.

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