Monday, June 20


I went there, oh yes I did. I am that mom. 

I officially dressed our girls in matching outfits. It wasn't my idea. It was all Nyah's doing, I am just going with it. Nyah truly gets the biggest kick out of having the same outfit on as her little sister. 
I think this is a precious thing, a precious moment which must be seized because as I have been told and warned by those with sisters/daughters close in age, apparently all hell will break loose in this house when they are teenagers in reguards to the sharing of clothes, looking alike, being individual, etc. I am seriously scared already but hoping for the best, hoping they beat the odds, hoping this love lasts, actually, just hoping praying for a miracle. 
So I am enjoying this rare moment in our daughters lives while the enthusiasm for similarity exists and trying not to take it stage mom overboard.

Of course, Elsa couldn't be bothered to take a picture. Her book was waaaay too good. Have I mentioned how much this girl likes to read? Its She's amazing.
Oh, hi Elsa.
And just to remind us who the older child is in case the firm, controlling grip doesn't give it away. 
Raising sisters. A unique experience I am so thankful to be a part of even if I get a little nervous about all it entails, sometimes.

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